Michael CookMichael Cook-Messick

Co-facilitator for the iPlay program

Michael Cook-Messick joined HELP in 2010 as the co-facilitator for the iPlay program. Michael is very active in the community and serves as the HELP representative to local organizations serving the LGBT community. In addition, Michael works with HELP’s Oral Connect and Community Mobilization programs. Prior to joining HELP, Michael worked professionally assisting individuals through the disability determination process.

DeeJay JohannessenDeeJay Johannessen

Executive Director

DeeJay Johannessen has served as the Executive Director of HELP for the past fourteen years and has more than twenty years experience working in the HIV field. He is an active member of our community and has worked with several community and grassroots organizations. DeeJay is recognized as a community leader in the areas of HIV public policy and civil rights. DeeJay manages the day-to-day activities of HELP, facilitates the Community Mobilization program, and co-facilitates the iPlay program.